YTCC at SPA FRANCORCHAMPS 2018 – 22/24 June – “Masterclass”

Spa Summer Classic – CSN Groep YTCC 22/24 June


The CSN Groep YTCC rocked the Spa Summer Classic. With more than 60 cars on track it was one of the best weekends in the 25th History of the YTCC.

With special quest drivers as Pete Mucke in the famous Ford Capri Group 5 and Gianfranco Brancatelli in his original Sierra Cosworth in which he won the 24 hour race of Spa in 1989. The atmosphere was great and the races also with one win for Peter Mucke and 2 wins for fast Jan Bot Jr in his huge March BMW M1. Mister 24hour Brancatelli was also 2 times on the podium.

Look at our “Album” from Spa and if you where not there you can see what you missed. Click on the pictures and they will be bigger and you can download them.

RESULTS : click here






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