Corona VIRUS UPDATE NO RACING IN 2020 / all events cancelled

Beverwijk : 07/05/2020



It was an very difficult decision because we know that some of you really want to go out racing. But as off today the beginning of May there are to many maybe’s what can be done and what not. Are we making a mistake to say there will be no more racing this year. No we are not. Bringing together many people from many different countries on a paddock gives a situation where nobody feels good in. An environment where a lot of you are feeling not safe. And there are lots of questions to solve from whom we cannot give you the right answers.

The Colmore YTCC stands for having fun with each other on and off track. Big grids, laughter, good racing etc., all in a good atmosphere. We think that we cannot provide you in 2020 that stress free weekend anymore. And when racing becomes stress than we are really going the wrong way. Will that situation change. We do not know but for us not anymore in 2020. So are we going to race ever again. Yes in 2021, lets go for that with again an sub-zero cool calendar.

Randall and Ig




Beverwijk : 31/03/2020

Dear racefriends,

The Corona virus has made the world a different place to live in at the moment. Also the YTCC has already  been infected by it. Some of our first events this year had to be cancelled or will be postponed to a later date this or next year.

Nothing is sure what is going to happen the first couple of weeks from now. For sure is that Zandvoort, Hockenheim and Brands Hatch are postponed to later date this year or even to 2021. What will happen with Zolder, Charade, Dijon is still not certain.

There are some options that lay out open for us as an organisation. A lot of you paid already for this complete season or for some races. All those payments are up to now still valid and your spot on the grid is still secured. However also when some events are not going to happen this year we can not pay you your entry fee back. The YTCC is an non profit organisation and as of today we already paid all the organisations our entry fee there is not enough money in the bank anymore to give you a full refund.

Is your money gone. Off course not. We are working very hard with the different organisations to find a solution. This situation is also new for them. If they credit our entry fee we immediately will pay you back. But we also talking to them to postpone some of the events to 2021.

The problem we face is to put 5 cancelled events again into our agenda for 2020. That’s a big problem because everybody is searching for a new date. And we do not like it if there is only one week, or even two, between two events. You all are coming from different places in Europe and that would be a task we want nobody to make. So to do all 6 events in the second half of the year is for us not acceptable. And we think for a lot of you also not.

The forthcoming weeks we will find a solution that is for everybody acceptable. Going on track stressed is in our minds really a no go. Nobody wants that.

Also a no go is that Randall can not hug or kiss you at any prize ceremony. Maybe before that can happen again we must not race at all. Why. Come on, a prize cup without a hug is nothing worth.

We will see, keep safe, take care specially on your loved ones and all your friends.

Randall and Ig.



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