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31 years in the racing scene

Our History

The racing series was created in 1993 as an initiative of Jan van Duijn and Klaas van Vuure. On the grid cars that many spectators have had themselves, such as BMW 2002, VW Golf and Mini, Ford Escort, but also dream cars such as BMW M3, Renault Alpine, Lotus Sunbeam and Esprit and exotics such as Porsche 935, BMW M1 Procar, 911RSR and many more. The cars had to be prepared in accordance with the homologation of the time. Until 1999, class representative Klaas van Vuure, supported by a number of volunteers, performed all necessary management tasks under the name Youngtimer Belangen. Since this was no longer possible in this form, the Youngtimer Trophy Netherlands association was founded during the annual meeting in February 2000.

Present day

In 2008 it was decided to rename the Youngtimer Trophy into Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge or YTCC. This name has the required international character and has generated a refreshing and attractive appeal. The result is that the YTCC has now become a non-championship international racing series with participants from all over the world. Since 2015 the YTCC has become a foundation.

The Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge has a well-filled racing calendar with races all-over Europe. The series distinguishes itself, among other things, by the very friendly atmosphere and willingness to help each other. On track there is often a hard and fair fight with respect for each others equipment, off-track there is a unique relaxed atmosphere in a paddock where fun and friendship are the base for our slogan “Smile, it makes you faster”. The cooperation with many different foreign racing series ensures large starting fields with a great variety of cars on the grid. And especially during major events such as Hockenheim Historic, Brands Hatch Grand Prix and Le Mans Historic, the audience obviously really appreciates the YTCC.

Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge

Beautiful people, beautiful cars from a great race era, close and fair racing, open paddock for the public and lots of laughter with each other. You will find it all in the Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge.

“We are here to entertain the fans, organizers, family and of course also ourselves”, says YTCC promotor Randall Lawson.  “Racing is all about driving as fast as you can with your race car, having a lot of fun on the track with other drivers and also enjoy and celebrate that you are privileged to do it in the paddock with your fellow competitors {caravan available}. Yes, we are no championship, we are not making World Champions over here, we are nothing.  Racing in the  YTCC is all about enjoying life with friends from all over the world. Competing against each other with a big smile on the face. Of course not letting the guy or girl in front of you winning the battle on the track but that’s only because he or she is than paying the beer in the evening.  And at the end that is where racing is all about.”

Randall Lawson


Ig de Bakker

Manager Circuits YTCC

Sonja Hijstee

Admin YTCC

Harm van de Laan

CEO Technical Scrutineering


Bas Lemmens

FIA Official Technical Scrutineering


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