Dear Driver at Classic Race Aarhus 2015

I really hope you will come to Aarhus and be a part of an event there is getting bigger and bigger every year.

I will try to make a short description of the event, but there is so much to say about the event.

The Craa is a famous town race and there is expected 35000 visitors.

The track is one of the best town tracks in the world. The track is placed 2 km from the centre of Aarhus and the long trackside is parallel to the bay of Aarhus and going up and down with high speed corners and chicane’s. Along the track you will be passing the royal summer residence. For visitors, there is a Goodlook street where historic cars and exhibitors will be dressed like in the good old days. See more here: www.craa.dk/en

Since we have make a special arrangement with Classic Race Aarhus, we will Race our own League along with the Danish Masters series. In 76-81-86 Group cars.

Cars from the YTCC group in the NL are all approved by this regulation and all participating cars has to run by this regulation. https://www.ytcc.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Regulations-YTCC-2015.pdf

FIA approved Rainlight MUST be installed and work with normal light. ( danish regulations )

There is only a total of 40 cars allowed, so we need your registration at the latest 15 januar 2015. Last year the race was fully booked and there was a waiting list.

Shell is official Sponsor of the event and will provide Shell V Power fuel to your racecar.

There will be local sponsor stickers that need to be placed on the car. Buy out Price for not having sponsor stickers on the car is 250€



We have make arrangements with a hotel 750metres from the Paddock, so its possible to sleep and get a private shower for an Absolute fair price. Big trucks and some RW can be parked on a designated area near the paddock, small RW and tents for sleeping can be arranged behind the paddock tents, but since we are using a lot of space for Hospitality, we need to narrow it a little.


We have reserved a paddock area including tents for the cars on both side of the paddock road. We have made a hospitality tent where the driver and guests can relax, and get something to eat, drink. See the Races on big screen tv or see the raceresults on computers with free WiFi. And talk to guests and race colleagues.


The Event is starting Thursday the 21 May 2015 where the teams arrive to the paddock and get settled. We will serve dinner in the evening, and there is time to relax and have a good time with race colleagues.

Friday the 22 May. The Classic race Aarhus opens and there are events for kids including a race for homemade Go-carts. Track walk, Training and get to know the track race. Breakfast, Lunchsandwich and Dinner will be served, including beverages.

Saturday the 23 may, RACEDAY 1 the race is on. All day event. Breakfast, and we will have serving staff and will serve fresh sandwich and dinner after the race, including beverages. Saturday evening we will make a little get-together in the tent.

Sunday the 24 May, RACEDAY 2 this is where we race for the Podium. Breakfast and we will have serving staff and serve fresh sandwich and dinner after the race, including beverages.

The race ends at 17,00 and its first possible to exit the Paddock at this time.



The Price for one car, one driver, includes: All access ticket, 3×6 metres tent in the paddock, Free Shell V power fuel, All inclusive food and drink arrangements, includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and fresh fruits all day, free Coffee, soft drinks, beers and Wine. Price 645€ all-inclusive.

Additional 1 person, All access tickets inclusive food and drink package, includes breakfast, lunch dinner and fresh fruits all day, free Coffee, soft drinks, beers and Wine.

Price 150€  if 3 persons or more 140€ / pr. Person all inclusive

Hotel arrangement including breakfast: pays to the hotel on arrival.

Single / Double room, Price 330€ inclusive tax.

Saturday evening/night get-together arrangement, there will be served chips and snacks.

Beer and wine vouchers will be sold in the bar 10 beer/wine or 20 sodas vouchers costs 25€

Its possible to bring your own spirits and licqour.

All participating team will get a goodiebag, and all drivers and crew will get a PoloShirt, to wear on the event and after.

How do I Register??

Its simple: Just send a mail to Randall Lawson at info@autopassion.nl Randall will collect the Reservations, the Danish Contact person Lars Rosenfeldt also can be contacted on cell phone +45 21 25 39 35 or mail Lars@larsrosenfeldt.dk


In order to reserve the places we need the registration Before 15 January 2015

We need following information:

  • Full Name of driver:
  • Address:
  • Nationality:
  • Mail:
  • Invoice mail
  • Name on the invoice if other than driver:
  • Phone:
  • Car Brand:
  • Car type:
  • Car year:
  • Enginesize:
  • Number on the car ( IF )
  • Licence no:
  • Transponder number:
  • Poloshirt size

 Additional persons and how many.

  • Poloshirt size on additional persons

 Please inform if you would reserve a hotel single or double.

 If there is a need for special food, like vegetarian, please let us know, and we will try to make arrangements with the kitchen.




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