WE HAVE A FEW PLACES LEFT OPEN AFTER RED BULL RING . If you want to drive please contact first

895 euro / how to pay see calendar

1x Qualification – 3 Races


Pit boxes sorry not available / We are standing on the outside paddock so thats good news for big lorries. No time slots to leave the circuit. 

The big problem what we face in Zandvoort is that we have to put 100 race cars and all their stuff on a very small paddock. Thats going to be a big challenge and that is not going to work without your help. We will make your life as easy as possible but all trailers if you do no need them must go of the paddock. Also all streetcars or vans that you do not need go also to the parking area. Thats on the other side of the road so just 1 minute walk. The same for the trailers they are just behind us on a special paddock.

Saturday evening the organisation of the event will have a big BBQ planned for all drivers and their teams on the event. That will take place on the paddock in a beautiful chalet.  The price will be 25 euro (p/p) for each person you are taking with you. Please send a mail towards info@ytcc with how many people you are coming. We will reserve places than.


Provisional time schedule:

08.55 Quali  Colmore YTCC1
10.55 Quali  Adriaans Group YTCC 2
14.25 Race1  Colmore YTCC 1
17.25 Race 1  Adriaans Group YTCC 2

Saturday :
08.35 Race 2 Colmore YTCC 1
13,30 Race 2 Adriaaans Group YTCC 2

10.45 Race 3 Colmore YTCC 1
17.05 Race 3 Adriaans Group YTCC 2

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Circuit Zandvoort has no insurance anymore for damage to the circuit. That means that all cost during qualifying and races will be in case o1f an accident go to the YTCC organisation. And the cost for guardrails, grid, tecpro barrier are really expensive. In case of an accident the cost of all damages involved will be forwarded to the driver with a maximum of 1500 euro.


18-jun Nat Name Car Class Transponder
2 B Bart Lemaire Trabant 601 RS 60A 8035215
3 NL Anita Renes Lotus Sunbeam 70A 1936975
5 NL Vienne Renes Mercedes 190 80B 14340713
6 D Eddy Althoff BMW M1 Procar 70B 1263232
6 D Hans-Jürgen Erdbrügger BMW M1 Procar 70B 1263232
7 GB Matthew Ellis Lotus Sunbeam 70B 4883284
12 DK Kenneth Gregers Datsun 240Z 70B 2447100
14 NL Patrick Andriessen Renault Alpine A310 70B 3476488
17 DK Esben Heguland Ford Escort RS2000 70A
20 NL Harrie Willems Porsche 944 80B 6415280
22 NL Julien Siemerink Mazda MX5 80A 5260836
23 NL Jeroen Veldhuis Porsche 911 3.0 70B 1531589
27 GB Martin Reynolds Ford Anglia BDA 60A 1602960
27 GB Martin Reynolds Ford Escort MKII 70B 1580166
30 NL Geert Croonenbroek BMW E30 80B 16603570
32 NL Eric in den Bosch Porsche 944S2 80B 6828637
41 DK Jens Juel Jeppesen Ford Escort RS1600 70A 1191817
44 DK Charlotte Engell Jeppesen Ford Escort MK1 twincam 70A 0780127
48 DK Morten Eriksen Opel Kadett C 70A 14011498
49 DK Poul Erik Dam Larsen Ford Escort TC 1600 70A 1171989
56 NL Ruben de Bruin Vauxhall Astra GTE MK2 80A
56 DK Martin Berner Lotus Cortina 60A 6850735
60 NL Rolf Joosten BMW E21 318i 70A
62 NL Jan Sleurink Ford Escort RS2000 70A
73 DK Kim Christensen Jensen Healey 70A 13859335
76 GB Steve Mole BMW E30 316i 80A
78 NL Vicky Schuijlenburg Porsche 944S2 80B
81 NL Mitchell van Dijk Renault 5 Alpine 70A
93 DK Steffen Lykke Gregersen BMW 2002tii 70A 1637112
93 NL Robbert-Jan van de Leur Renault Alpine A310 V6 70B 0484874
94 B Gust van Haelst Mazda RX3 70A 903216
99 NL Roel Schmitz Porsche 964 RS 80B 2812510
101 GB Malcolm Harding Ford Escort Zakspeed MK2 BDG 70B 125613
112 DK Peter Obel Opel Kadett C 70A 12770490
117 NL Charlotte Verkuijlen BMW 318 Compact 90A 3652289
118 DK Lars Bojvad Ford Escort 1600 70A 1015821
124 NL Marcel van Rijswick Porsche 964 1989 80B 1739789
150 DK Martin Wunderov Datsun 240Z 70B 0425215
151 NL Bira van Haver BMW 325i 80B 15246833
155 DK Mikkel Mikkelsen Opel Kadett Rally 60A 6349337
161 NL Dimitri Galanidis Porsche 964RS 80B 2854800
176 DK Ulrich Anderson Ford Escort MKII 70A 16284374
190 NL Peter Scheefhals Mercedes Benz 190E Evo 1 80B 1275009
205 NL Thierry Kohler VW Golf I 70A 743398
321 NL Tijn Croonenbroek Peugeot 206 Gti 90A
364 FR Eric Baumard BMW E21 70B 6744155
481 GB Robin Benn Ford Capri 3.0 Group 1 70B 3789529
943 NL Olivier van Oostrum Porsche 944 80B 6669750
950 NL Erik den Dekker Porsche 944 Turbo 80B 3225187
00 7 NL Jaap van der Lee Lotus Esprit S1 70B
8 CH Roger Bolliger Pontiac Trans AM SCCA 70B 6854336
9 NL Bjorn Hees BMW E30 M3 80B
15 D Markus Key Oldsmobile 80B 8338337
16 CH Marc Hauri BMW E30 325i Compressor Proto 5968656
18 GB Andy Robinson Ford Falcon 60B 1791205
34 D Gerd Tekaat Chevrolet Camaro 60B 1489351
35 GB Mike Manning Ford Sierra RS500 80B 465297
42 D Christian Marx Triumph TR8 IMSA 70B 0680076
50 GB Abbie Eaton Holden Commodore Gr C V8 70B 1462023
51 NL Marc Seesing BMW M3 E30 FINA 80B 1476566
55 GB Andy Wilson DAF 55 V8 70B 00366502
59 GB Jack Gadd Ford Escort MK1 RSR Proto 13545719
64 AT Michael Deutsch Ford GT40 60B 10966564
77 D Walter Hoffman McLaren MC1 Proto 13840945
88 CH Rene Wagner MGB V8 GT 70B 3317640
91 S Rikard Hasselblad Chevron B8 Proto 1285269
92 AT Manfred Irger Ford GT 40 70B 6118151
100 NL Coen Vink BMW V8 Star Proto 4644634
114 CH Urs Metzger Plymouth Barracuda S 60B 7337390
115 CH Beat Gubler Dodge Challenger 70B 8082561
122 NL Ed van Heusden Porsche 944 80B 5104427
128 S John Carlsson Porsche 944 S2 80B 6324887
128 S John Carlsson Porsche 996 cup 90’s 6324887
141 D Wolfgang Lange Coelln McLaren C6 Proto 5183152
150 DK Jacob Wunderov BMW E46 90’s 7737400
185 DK Ole Sondrup BMW E36 M3 90’s 2564929
199 S Niklas Martensson Porsche 944T 80B 9259476
211 DK Kim Olesen BMW M3 80B 0369288
217 DK Tom Jorgensen BMW E46 323 90’s 8765506
222 GB Martin Glennie TVR Tuscan Challenge 80B 9819531
265 DK Henrik Have Jabobson BMW E46 323 90’s 6377976
276 CH Samuel Benz TVR Tuscan 80B 3175105
340 DK Mik Hendriksen BMW M3 90’s 13144032
350 CH Mike Wherli Rover SD1 80B 3218088
369 DK Theis Mikkelsen Porsche 944 80B
371 NL Ko Koppejan Mercedes 190 Evo 2.5 80B 3567594
378 CH Daniel Buechi Camaro GT1 90’s 9043674
485 D Marcus Menden Porsche 964 RSR 90’s
500 CH Robert Brändli Camaro GT 90’s 8003588
761 D Ingo Vieser BMW 323i E21 Gr 2 70B 2018674
762 D Carsten Neef Porsche 944 Turbo 80B
777 AT Walter Schropper Dodge Viper GTS 90’s 6041446