Spa Summer Classic, 7-9 July 2023


WE HAVE some spots open for BRCC


Safety package : Please check your clothing and the rest of safety equipement. TC of Belgium RACB will be strict on this.

: We will again be on the ORANGE paddock just before you enter the main paddock. NOTE that we have to get this time 130 cars on the paddock. THAT MEANS that you all will get limited space on the paddock. BIG TRAILERS will only be allowed when more cars (minimum 3) are in the awning. ALL normal cars, trailors and MOBILE vans who are not directly supporting the team have to be removed from the paddock. We know we do not want to be bad boys but you have other drivers who really want to be on the same paddock as you. Its going to be crwody all the way this weekend so please work together on this. We need your help.  PADDOCKPLAN : Paddocks_SpaSummerClassic_2023


Further one this one is not coming from us but the organisation. ALL CAMPERS OR OTHER VEHICLES TRUCK WHO ARE TAKING ELECTRIC FROM THE PADDOCK HAVE TO PAY 50 euros to the organisation of the event. DUE to the high electrical costs they will charge this to you. We find it a lot of money but there was no discussion possible on this subject. AND IF YOU DO NOT FILL IN THE FORMULAR AND PAY IN ADVANCE YOU WILL NOT ENTER THE PADDOCK. SO VERY IMPORTANT DO IT IN ADVANCE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ON ORANGE PADDOCK

ELECTRIC FORMULAR : Motorhome_Form_SSC_2023_EN

TRANSPONDERS : if you have not a own transponder you can rent one with organisation of the event. Normal it was for free, this year you have to pay 30 euro for the rent.

TIMETABLE: Timetable_SpaSummerClassic_2023

We can also that Thursday, July 6 will be reserved for untimed open practices.
One requirement: that the racing car does not exceed 103 dB in dynamic on the track.
All the details are available at :

AND BREAKING NEWS : on Friday 7, two sessions of open practice beginning of the day with  limit 115 dB.

Provisional list for Spa Colmore YTCC
if you did not pay yet please do asap, first come first serve FULL = FULL

1-jun Nat Name Car Class Transponder
3 NL Anita Renes Lotus Sunbeam 70A 1936975
4 NL Ron Renes Lotus Sunbeam 70A 8122571
5 NL Vienne Renes Mercedes 190 80B 14340713
6 D Hans-Jürgen Erdbrügger BMW M1 Procar 70B 1263232
16 GB Rodney Frost Jaguar XJS HE 80B 3138081
7 GB Matthew Ellis Lotus Sunbeam 70A 4883284
8 CH Roger Bolliger Pontiac Trans AM SCCA 70B 6854336
11 DK Lars Feldskov Datsun 240Z 70B 4879822
12 DK Kenneth Gregers Datsun 240Z 70B 2447100
15 NL Jac Meeuwissen Ford Mustang 60B
15 D Markus Key Oldsmobile 80B
17 NL Tjarco Jilesen Porsche 964 RS 80B 5917280
18 NL Tijn Jilesen Porsche 964 RS 80B 9808019
19 NL Leo van der Beek Porsche 911 Carrera 70B 5588147
22 GB Martin Glennie TVR Tuscan Challenge 80B 9819531
24 S Kenneth Sundfors Porsche 944 80B 1978489
27 GB Martin Reynolds Ford Escort 1600 70B 1580166
27 GB Martin Reynolds Ford Anglia 60A 1602960
29 CH Urs Metzger Plymouth Barracuda S 60B 7337390
30 NL Geert Croonenbroek BMW E30 80B 16603570
34 D Gerd Tekaat Chevrolet Camaro 60B 1489351
35 GB Mike Manning Ford Sierra RS500 80B 465297
37 NL Viljo van Splunteren Ford Escort MK1 70A
44 GB Mike Watson Ford RS Cosworth 80B 4311418
45 CH Bruno Knüsli Sunbeam Tiger 60B 3696692
46 CH Robert Dubler Chevrolet Corvette 60B 8529468
47 CH Amanda Hennessy Chevrolet Corvette 60B 2585371
48 CH Hans Hauser Corvette C3 70B
49 CH Thomas Dätwyler Opel Kadett C 70A 8478533
54 S Sjoberg / Bengtsson Porsche 944 Turbo 80B 5006824
55 NL Adriaans / Lieshout Porsche 964RSR 80B 1937241
56 NL Ruben de Bruin Vauxhall Astra GTE MK2 80A
68 DK Lars Rosenfeldt Renault Alpine A310 70B 3038613
75 GB Steve Mole BMW E30 316i 80A
77 D Walter Hoffman McLaren MC1 Proto 13840945
85 GB Daniel Brown Ford Sierra RS500 80B 5802634
86 GB Sean Brown Ford Escort MK1 BDG 70A 4288306
91 S Rikard Hasselblad Chevron B8 Proto 1285269
93 NL Robbert-Jan van de Leur Renault Alpine A310 V6 70B 0484874
99 NL Roel Schmitz Porsche 964 RS 80B 2812510
103 CH Urs Steffen Triumph Spitfire GT8 60B 3706668
104 CH Christophe Kleiner MGB V8 60B 3097193
111 POR Freitas / Liberal BMW M3 E30 80B 8157524
112 B Tim Joosen TVR Tuscan Challenge 80B
115 CH Beat Gubler Dodge Challenger 70B 8082561
118 DK Lars Bojvad Ford Escort 1600 70A 1015821
122 NL Ed van Heusden Porsche 944 80B 5104427
123 DK Dan Jacobsen Ford Escort MKII 70A 10124067
124 NL Marcel van Rijswick Porsche 964 1989 80B 1739789
126 DK Pierre Iversen Ford Escort RS2000 70A 4261258
128 S John Carlsson Porsche 944 S2 80B 6324887
130 NL Ruud Poels BMW 325i 80B 53267
134 NL Peter Stox Porsche 964 80B 1049762
134 NL Harrie Willems Porsche 944 80B 6415280
139 D Christian Nowak CN-Cobra Proto 4971597
142 CH Daniel Bucher MGB V8 70B 6919000
147 GB PJ Masarati / Miles Mas Porsche Turbo 80B 8087810
148 DK Morten Eriksen Opel Kadett GT/E 70A 14011498
161 NL Dimitri Galanidis Porsche 964RS 80B 2854800
171 D Marcus Bereuter Corvette C3 70B 4883759
176 DK Ulrich Anderson Ford Escort MKII 70A 16284374
177 SCO Tommy Gilmartin Morgan +8 70B 8080987
190 NL Peter Scheefhals Mercedes Benz 190E Evo 1 80B 1275009
199 S Niklas Martensson Porsche 944 80B 9259476
211 D Dietmar Schroder Porsche 911 70B 7305684
300 D Patrick / Philipp Zahnenberg Alfa Romeo GT-am 70A 7719868
451 GB Steve Scott – Dunwoodie Ford Sierra Cosworth 80B 1871878
481 GB Robin Benn Ford Capri 3.0 Group 1 70B 3789529
507 D Michael Hess Porsche 911 RSR Gr5 70B 5118937
911 D Wolfgang Pohl Porsche 911 RSR 70B
7 D Adrian Grenz Porsche 911 RSR Jagermeister 70B
23 NL Jeroen Veldhuis Porsche 911 3.0 70B 1531589
25 GB Bill Thomson TVR Tuscan 80B
31 NL Jan de Hek Alfa Romeo Guilia GT 60A 9774688
48 GB Mathew Snowball Plymouth Cuda Trans Am 60B 6857475
56 B Raphaël de Borman Ford Capri 3.0 Gr1b 70B
59 GB Jack Gadd Ford Escort MK1 RSR Proto 13178013
64 NL Frank de Hek Alfa Romeo Guilia 70A 1391320
69 S Gilbert Svensson Porsche 944 turbo 80B 5127032
73 DK Kim Christensen Jensen Healey 70A 13859335
101 GB Malcolm Harding Ford Escort Zakspeed MK2 BDG 70B 125613
150 DK Jakob Wunderov Datsun 240Z 70B 0425215
151 DK Martin Wunderov Datsun 240Z 70B 7737400
203 D Thomas Baltzer Porsche 924 70A 6783037
289 D Markus Steininger Sunbeam Tiger 60B 14538765
919 NL Sander Roest Porsche 944 S2 80B 5130093
950 NL Erik den Dekker Porsche 944 Turbo 80B 3225187