Magny – Cours Historic Tour 25-27 March 2022:

Magny Cours Historic, WE HAVE A GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

The first raceweekend of 2022.  And we start the season on a great circuit. Magny Cours in France. The programm this weekend will be different than normal. Qualification and the races are on Saturday and Sunday. Scrutineering will be done from Friday afternoon on paddock. 1x Qualification and 3 races : 795 euro.

YTCC Magny Cours 2022 invoice

Time schedule : Horaires HT Magny 2022 P4
Friday scrutineering from the afternoon and possibility to enter extra free practices from organisation.

Paddockplan : tba

Send mail towards if you want to participate

If you never raced with us please send following data by mail towards

Mobilie number
License number
Car / Type / Year
Engine cc
Transponder number
Prefered Startnumber
E mail adres if different from mail you send

Provisional entry list, if you are not on it please contact us as soon as possible.


0 Nat Name Car year Class
2 B Bart Lemaire Trabant 601 RS 72 60A
3 NL Anita Renes Lotus Sunbeam 81 70A
4 NL Ron Renes Lotus Sunbeam 81 70A
6 CH Marc Hauri BMW E30 325i Cpmpressor Proto
8 CH Roger Bolliger Pontiac Trans AM SCCA 71 70B
9 NL Bjorn Hees BMW E30 M3 80B
11 DK Lars Feldskov Datsun 240Z 71 70B
17 NL Tjarco Jilesen Porsche 964 RS 89 80B
18 NL Tijn Jilesen Porsche 964 RS 80B
19 NL Leo van der Beek Porsche 911 Carrera 85 70B
22 NL Ed van Heusden Porsche 944 80B
23 NL Jeroen Veldhuis Porsche 911 3.0 70B
32 NL Eric in den Bosch Porsche 944S2 89 80B
45 CH Bruno Knüsli Sunbeam Tiger 65 60B
46 CH Robert Dubler Chevrolet Corvette 56 60B
47 CH Amanda Hennessy Chevrolet Corvette 68 60B
49 CH Thomas Dätwyler Opel Kadett C 79 70A
55 NL Armand Adriaans Porsche 964RSR 90 80B
55 NL Erwin van Lieshout Porsche 964RSR 89 80B
76 NL Patrick Andriessen Renault Alpine V6 GTA Turbo 88 80B
77 D Walter Hoffman McLaren MC1 69 Proto
88 CH Rene Wagner MGB V8 GT 70B
99 NL Roel Schmitz Porsche 944S2 89 80B
103 CH Urs Steffen Triumph Spitfire GT8 60B
104 CH Christophe Kleiner MGB V8 60B
114 NL Randall Lawson Renault A310 GrIV 79 70B
117 NL Harm van de Laan Saab 99 EMS 75 70A
118 DK Lars Bojvad Ford Escort 1600 70A
130 NL Ruud Poels Porsche 964 RS 89 80B
161 NL Dimitri Galanidis Porsche 964RS 89 80B
176 CH Samuel Benz TVR Tuscan 89 80B
614 LU Alian Berg BMW 325i 83 80B
919 NL Sander Roest Porsche 944 S2 80B