The provisional calendar for 2022 is know available at calendar section. Magny Cours, Spa, Hockenheim, Nurburgring and Brands Hatch are confirmed. So if you want to participate in one of them just send mail towards and reserve your spot. Payment can be done but you can also wait until beginning of 2022. No problem for that. You registration is complete after payment.

We think events as Spa, Hockenheim and Brands Hatch will be full soon. So do not wait to long for making your reservation.

We will add two events more if we find any. Mind you its our intention to get a minimum of 3-4 weeks between the events.

For Brands Hatch and for travellers from mainland towards Britain check how everything goes from your country with paperwork. Only put the car on the Carnet forms and say its worth less than 10.000 euro. Than you do not have to pay any deposit we found out. Its only for the paperwork nothing else. From experience last weekend (6th-7th Nov) when we went towards Brands Hatch with two cars on trailers I can say it all was a joke at the border. If we did not went to customs ourselves, even difficult to find those guys and made the effort to get stamps on the paperwork nobody at the border cared what we took in or took out of the country. Nobody even looked at what we took with us. Even extra Covid test we had to do on the second day in UK they did not asked for it at Dover or Calais. So maybe in 2022 travelling will be even much more easier. Lets hope for that. So do not be afraid to travel into UK. Great country, great people and atmosphere on circuit you will find nowhere in the world.

Keep watching into the website, we will update anything overhere.

Cheers Randall and Ig.