Wow,we wanted this one really on our calendar for 2021. Just because it is the last time ever you can race on this very demanding circuit. From 2022 onwards Charade is turning green. And if you have no electric racecar you can not drive there anymore.

And that is crazy because Charade is one of the most beautifull circuits in the world. Its damned fucking special and you will find that out when you are driving there. When we announced that we where going back a lot of you said finally. If you never have been there you will not be a complete driver.

Do not wait to long with registration because we can only start 45 cars. So full = full.

CHARADE do not miss it, it is your last chance ever.

1x Qualification , 3 races of each 30 minutes

Charade Invoice : YTCC Charade 2021 INVOICE

Randall and Ig