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Hockenheim Historic: Event confirmed, but with Covid restrictions.

Good news, the organisation of the Hockenheim Historic announced today that audience will be welcome, but everyone, participants included, must follow the rules implied by the latest Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Respect the well-known hygienic rules.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory within the circuit
  • A valid proof of the 3G rules is mandatory. The „3G rule (short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen – vaccinated, tested, recovered”) is used to define low-risk groups in epidemiological
    The „Green Pass“ confirms that you are tested or vaccinated or have recovered from Covid 19.

This means that we will probably have to deal with less issues as we did in Spa. Since these issues led to a lot of last-minute cancellations at Spa, we have decided to reduce our participation at the Hockenheim Historic to only one grid.

At the moment we have a list of about 80 people who intend to participate with us in Hockenheim, which is more than the grid slots we have. Since only some of you have paid the bill and we don’t want to disappoint people, we kindly ask you to let us know a.s.a.p. whether you will drive with us in this event. Remember, your subscription is only secured as soon as we receive your entry fee.  In case of over-subscriptions, the date of payment will be decisive in our choice to let you participate. A simple mail ( with a yes or no (and your name of course) will do to help us make the final list of participants. No reaction and no payment means no participation. If you have already paid you do not have to react only when you are not coming.

And please keep yourself informed about the latest Covid rules in Germany for your own country. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or costs with regard to last minute issues due to the Covid pandemic.

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We really look forward to see you all back at Hockenheim.

Randall and Ig

Hockenheim invoice : YTCC HOCKENHEIM 2021 INVOICE


Randall and Ig