Brands Hatch update, 6th of May,
No Colmore YTCC at Brands Hatch
We really tried the last couple of weeks to get going on with the race at Brands Hatch.
2021 is a crazy year again with a lot of rules around Covid-19 still being a pain in the ass. We already lost the last couple of months for Brands Hatch all our Europe mainland drivers who really wanted to drive on the BH GP circuit, 84 on the list, but could not leave their country or worse could not go back home in a normal way. Then we said we do it with UK based drivers only and go on with the event, we soon had 25 on the list, not a full grid but racing we could do and still have fun. But soon as it got clear that for us as organiser it was also impossible to travel to Brands (getting back to the Netherlands without 10 days of quarantine was a big issue) a lot of also those drivers said if you are not coming over we are not going to race. We want you guys to be there to arrange everything.
Fifteen gone and only ten cars where left and that is not Colmore YTCC worthy when you always have full grids. So it was great news yesterday that the Masters organisation found another raceseries who wanted to take over our hired tracktime.
We are also happy to announce that we are going back to Brands Hatch. We know that you want to race on it. So make your agenda already free for somewhere in May 2022.
In January we said lets go racing again, a year without sucks. A year without your smiling faces inside and outside the car. We miss that. Big time. But that small bug still rules the world and also Europe. Until now we have a go for Spa Summer Classic. And we got there more tracktime because some English series will not come over. How everything develops in Belgium we hear the following weeks. 105 entries we already have for this event so it is going to be a great race weekend. Fingers crossed that everything settles down and that it will go on.
We keep you informed on our website and on facebook,
Stay safe and keep smiling because yes it will make you faster,
Randall and Ig.