Dear racefriends,

In the beginning of 2021, after a year of not racing,  we said “lets go and have fun again”. The 2021 calendar of the Colmore YTCC then has been made and already most of the events are overbooked.

As always Hockenheim Historic is the first event of the year. However, the organisation of the event has decided to postpone it to a later date this year. Covid19 or no Covid19, racing is possible of course and the season will start with other series on various tracks. Hockenheim Historic however is only possible when a lot of sponsors financially support the event and without an audience it will not be very interesting for them anymore. Spectators still are not allowed around the beginning of May so the event organizers had no choice but to postpone Hockenheim Historic to a later date this year.

Do we have an alternative event around the initial date?  No we have not. Most of the events that will take place are already fully booked and/or have a sound limitation, so a lot of you can not drive over there. That’s why we will follow Hockenheim Historic to a later date this year. Hockenheim Circuit is rescheduling some events, the new date at the moment will probably be around 28th of August.

If you already are registered and have paid your entry fee for Hockenheim you have the choice to go with us to the new date, choose another event within the YTCC calendar, or get a refund. Just send a mail to and let us know what you prefer.

At the moment Brands Hatch and Spa seem to take place as planned before  the summer, we will keep you updated about these events as well.

Stay safe, lets beat the bug and keep on smiling,

Randall and Ig