Colmore YTCC goes full throttle in 2021

Smile it makes you faster.

Smile, because yes that is the only matter that counts. After all the Covid-19 in 2020 we hope that all will settle again a little bit and go back to normal in 2021. Of course nothing is official yet but we are positive that in 2021 we can race and hug each other again. INDEED Full throttle.

Some historic series raced in 2020. We did not and are still happy that in May 2020 we already decided to skip that year. As we saw some historic events did go on in 2020, but not always with big starting grids and we realized also that indeed not everybody wanted to race. A lot of organizers lost a lot of money due to these small grids and as a non-profit organisation we really could not have afforded that.

The prices for track time from circuits and event organizers will increase in 2021. Sometimes with more than 30%. Are we happy with that, no totally not. But thanks to our sponsor Colmore we are happy to announce that most of the prices will be the same in 2021. Some we had to make a little bit more expensive (2-5%) but overall it is still in the we “will make you happy” range.

Just download the invoices below for your own administration. Keep in mind that in 2020 we were fully overbooked for all events. Your participation is only 100% guaranteed after payment. Due to the price increases we have no package deal this year. There is only a small discount if you drive Charade and Dijon together. (see separate invoice)

Keep smiling until the start of the new season. It will make you faster.

Randall and Ig.

Calendar 2021

Provesional new date 26-28th August – Bosch Hockenheim Historic, 1 Quali and 3 races.  YTCC / BRCC /
28/30th May – Masters Historic – Brands Hatch / Cancelled
25/27th June – Spa Summer Classic – 4x 30 minutes, reserve your spot now – YTCC / BRCC and NRCC
24/26th September – Charade France – YTCC  – 1 Quali 25 minutes and 3 races each 30 minutes.  YTCC
8/10th October – Dijon France   – 1x Quali 25 minutes and 3 races each 30 minutes.  YTCC
28/30th October – Assen The Netherlands – 1x Quali and 3 races of each 30  minutes. YTCC

Charade : YTCC Charade 2021 INVOICE
Dijon : YTCC Dijon 2021 INVOICE
Charade and Dijon : YTCC Charade and Dijon 2021 INVOICE
Spa Francorchamps : YTCC Spa 2021 INVOICE
Assen: YTCC Assen 2021 INVOICE

If you want to make a reservation for any event please send mail towards

IF you are racing for the first time with us or your details have changed we need:

Mobile number
License number
Engine cc
Transponder number
Preferred start number