What we said before: lets take 2020 out of our system and lets go for an fantastic 2021.

In our office we are working hard to give you the best possible season on many demanding tracks in Europe.

Smile it makes you faster. That is the only matter that counts. After all the Covid 19 we got in 2020 we hope that all will settle again a little bit and goes to normal in 2021. Of course nothing is official yet but we are positive that in 2021 we can race and hug each other again.

We will have 4 series next to each other next year. Sometimes they will drive together on the same event but some series will have also their own calendar and circuits.

Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge, YTCC

Our MAIN series within the office. Starting for the 28th year in 2021. And if we are going to have the same entries as we would have had in 2020, believe us, it will bring to you all a big smile on the face.

BIMMER Race Car Challenge, BRCC

New for 2021. All BMW race cars buit before 1990 are accepted. A new class with race cars that will make you smile. M1, M5, 3.0 Csl, 635 Csi, Imsa prototypes, 2002 and many many others.

Nineties Race Car Challenge, NRCC

The new historic generation. All cars accepted that raced between 1990 and 2000. A mix of Touring Cars, Sports cars, Imsa cars, Australian Touring Cars and many many more. Cars that are too old for modern racing, but too young for historic racing. We fill the gap. It’s a startup, we also do not know what to expect but for sure there are many owners of cars who can not drive at the moment and want to let their beauties out. So smile and prepare your car.

Formula Race Car Challenge, FRCC

No raceseries, just for demonstrations. We think it’s possible to get many cars on the track, buit before1985 from a great era of motorsport. We do not care if its a Formula France, a Rcaer 500, a F3 screamer, a Formel Vau or a beautiful sixties F3. Everything is possible when the driver inside knows that he is not going to be World Champion, but that he will have a lot of fun on track but most important off track where he meets fellow drivers who only want to talk about cars. Every weekend we intend to offer a minimum of 4x 25 minutes track time.