What can we say about Hockenheim Historic.


Beautifull startgrid, beautifull races, beautifull cars, beautifull drivers, beautifull weather and lots and lost of fun with each other on track and on the paddock. Thats whats racing all about. CSN Groep YTCC had a great weekend we will be back in 2019.


YTCC field impresses 25,000 spectators at Hockenheim Historic in memory of Jim Clark

The CSN Group Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge had this year chosen for one (completely  filled) starting grid. Since  there were too many last-minute  cancellations last year to make his two starting grids cost-effective, YTCC organizer Randall Lawson decided to minimize the financial risk. But what turned out: this year there were almost twice as many entries than the maximum of 46 cars that were  allowed to on the starting grid of the race. He now  even had the biggest starting grid of the event and, according to the enthusiastic audience, also with the biggest variation and most spectacular battles on  track. Reason for the event organizer to establish the YTCC as one of the main attractions for the Hockenheim Historic in 2019. That means there wil be  two starting fields again, one for the big guns and one for the smaller  cars. In 2019 there is capacity for 92 YTCC cars in action, this year even  at prime time, so all spectators will get to see  real battles in 2 grids again.

This year there were three races for the YTCC, all with the same winner: Ex-DTM team boss Peter Mücke with his spectacular Group 5 Zakspeed Capri Turbo. He showed his superiority  already in  qualifying:  with a laptime of 1.47.146 (average 153.68 km / h) he was by far the fastest YTCC car on track. Strikingly, there were no less than 13 cars under the 2 minute limit, while only from place 35 downwards laptimes times above 2.10 were noted. Talking about tension. The battle for the other podium places went between the BMW M1 of Achim Heinrich (second in all races), the Porsche 935 of Daniel Schrey (third in race 1 and 3) and the AC Cobra of Udo Rienhoff (third in race 2). Behind them were many fights in various groups, consisting of screaming Escorts, a thunderous TVR, Challenger, Camaro and Barracuda, this year a little less loud rotary-engined Mazda  and many blistering BMWs and whispering Porsches. Striking was the performance of the ex-works, Group44-built, IMSA Triumph TR8 of Christian Marx, who started at the back to work through the field. The happiest Dutch participant must have been Anita Renes. For the first time she drove a race with her Lotus Esprit, a better opportunity than during this event with such a high Lotus content was not imaginable. The CSN Group Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge can look back on a fantastic weekend and is determined to get the public back on the grandstands in 2019.




thanks to : Henry Soenarko / Retro Racing Magazine and others

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