YTCC at LE MANS 2018 – 7/9 September

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Le Mans Historic, Le Mans Bugatti, France, 7-9 September


We think the most difficult circuit on the calendar will be Le Mans. Yes we are back. You want to race there if you have never done it before. The first time under the Dunlop bridge is magic. The first time between the big Grandstands mind-blowing. Driving for the first time out of the famous pitstreet is an experience you will tell everybody you bump into. The Bugatti circuit is not easy to learn. Every lap you will think that must be possible to do faster. Le Mans will not come often on the YTCC calendar. Its very rare that we find a place over here. So do not miss this opportunity.

1x Qualification (25”), 3 races (30”each)
Price: 800 euro when payment done before 05/08/2018 (after this date price will be 895)

DOWNLOAD INVOICE: ytcc-le-mans-historic-2018-invoice


This event only TAG HEUER CHRONOLEC transponders : at circuit for 50 euro rent
Pitbox available at organisation : HVM Historic tour,, Price weekend 580 euro (box 5×15)
Before event Friday: extra training sessions, 25 minutes 100 euro each 20 minutes 80 euro each. Tickets available at organisation HVM at circuit.


# Nat Name Car Class
3 NL Anita Renes Lotus Sunbeam 1981 70A
5 CH Tim Fuchs Ford Mustang 1966 origTrans Am 60B
6 D Ronny Scheer BMW M1 ex Piquet 70B
7 D Steffen Karnett BMW 325i 80B
8 CH Roger Bolliger Pontiac Trans AM SCCA 1971 70B
9 DK tom OLSEN
10 DK Kasper Aaskov
11 NL Michel Brakshoofden Renault 5 Alpine Groupe 2 1980 70A
12 GB Geoff Hanson Datsun 240GT 1972 70B
13 GB Willy Toye Triumph TR8 70B
14 DK Ole Klitgaard Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1965 60A
15 DK Lars Bojvad Ford Escort 1600 70A
16 DE Peter Bockwoldt BMW 2002 60A
17 DK Nils Davidson Porsche 911   1975 70B
19 NL Leo van der Beek Porsche 911 Carrera 1985 70B
29 CH Urs Metzger Plymouth Barracuda S 1968 60B
30 NL Hans Wolters BMW 1800 1969 60A
32 NL Eric in den Bosch Porsche 944S2 1989 80B
34 NL Peter Stox Porsche 964 1989 80B
42 DE Christian Marx Triumph TR8 1977 IMSA 70B
46 CH Robert Dubler Chevrolet Corvette 1956 60B
47 CH Amanda Hennessy Chevrolet Corvette 1968 60B
48 CH Thomas Dätwyler Opel Kadett C 1979 70A
55 NL Ad Geerts Porsche 964RSR 1989 80B
68 DK Lars Rosenfeldt Renault Alpine A310  1981 70B
73 DK Kim Christensen Jensen Healey 1973 70A
74 DK Kim Olesen Ford Escort RS2000 70B
76 NL Patrick Andriessen Renault Alpine V6 GTA Turbo 88 80B
78 BE Bert Smeets Dodge Challenger 60B
81 AT Udo Rienhioff Shelby Cobra 427 1966 60B
88 CH Rene Wagner MGB V8 70B
89 DK Michael Stegmann BMW 2002ti 1971 60B
94 BE Gust van Haelst Mazda RX3 1972 70A
99 NL Roel Schmitz Porsche 944S2 1989 80B
103 CH Urs Steffen Triumph Spitfire GT8 60B
114 NL Randall Lawson Renault A310 GrIV 1979 70B
115 CH Beat Gubler Dodge Challenger 1970 70B
117 DK Ebbe Nymann Anderson Porsche 911T 1971 70B
124 NL Marcel van Rijswick Porsche 964 1989 80B
128 S John Carlsson Porsche 944 80B
130 NL Ruud Poels Porsche 964 RS 1989 80B
131 DE Marcus Nothelle Audi GTE 1985 80A
141 NL Jan Schippers Chevrolet Camaro 1967 60B
142 CH Daniel Bucher MGB V8 70B
145 DE Michael Baumann Ford Mustang 1969 60B
155 DK Mikkel Mikkelsen Opel Kadett Rally 1967 60A
161 NL Dimitri Galandis Porsche 964RS 1989 80B
169 S Gilbert Svensson Porsche 944 80B
176 CH Samuel Benz TVR Tuscan 1989 80B




For all registrations : If you can not enter a race weekend you are yourself responsible for finding a replacement and to sell your startgrid ticket. Of course if we find a replacement driver for you or have one on the reserve list we help you with that and we will refund you your registration fee.

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ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS JUST CONTACT US AT or phone 0031 6 54664422 (Randall)

The YTCC team

Randall Lawson
Ignatius de Bakker
Ine Lawson
Hans van Putten
Lars Rosenfeldt



FOR 2018 nothing changed in our Technical regulations. So there is still a lot allowed. But our TC will not let you drive this year if the following items are not conform our regulations. They are not the worst things in the world and mostly for your own safety.
We are racing on big events this year, the technical scrutineering will be done by our own FIA licensed scrutineering team but also we work together with TC from other countries.

  • Driver equipment, helmets must be up to latest standard regulations.
  • Safety harness has to be within expire date. Minimum 5 point harness
  • Race seat not older than 5 years from production date. See FIA regulations.
  • Extinguisher checked maximum 2 years
  • Tow eye/hook front and rear minimum 60mm
  • Cars must have on front minimum daylight and rear lights including rain light.
  • Rear spoilers can only be allowed on car when in the time period it raced or could have raced (before 1990) that type of spoiler already was produced and mounted on car. (or same type of car) After market modern spoilers or spoilers from a later period (90’s) are not allowed.
  • FIA HTP pass is NOTrequired



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