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Contracts are signed so we are ready to give you one of the best calendar possible in 2018.

Yes we have many races this year. But also on circuits which you want to have on your still to do list. And of course also with the greatest racing family you can imagine around you. To do all races it is going to be an expensive year for a lot of you. So if you can not drive them all pick the ones you really want. Or have a look at the Gold, Silver and Bronze package deals below.

Hockenheim Historic, Hockenheim, Germany – 20-22 April
Is there anything to say about Hockenheim Historic. No there is not. It is already for 7 years the start of our season and always one of the best events of the year. We call it the anti-stress event because the German organisation is doing everything to let you smile the whole weekend. And yes the big BBQ helps also. Price includes again BBQ evening for your whole team. Music, laughter, great track, great racefriends, great racing and the Bratwurste and BEER. Be there.

1x Qualification (25”) – 3 races(each 30”)
Price : 695,00 when payment before 20/03/2018 (after this date – 750 euro)

DOWNLOAD INVOICE : ytcc-hockenheim-2018-invoice

BRANDS HATCH MASTERS, England, 26-27 May
Brands Hatch. For a lot of you a dream comes true. A long long time ago we raced with the series in England. Must be around the time of King Arthur. But we are back and the British will going to notice that. The GP circuit is waiting for you. One qualification and 2 races during this Master event. We wanted more track time but there wasn’t any left over. Brands is bloody expensive but who cares its Brands, there are British fans, there is also Beer and Pubs and there is paddock Hill bend. Are you willing to take the challenge.

1x Qualification (30”) – 2 races (each 30”)
Price : 800,00 when payment before 20/04/2018 (after this date  875 euro)

DOWNLOAD INVOICE : ytcc-brands-hatch-2018-invoice

Spa Summer Classic, Spa Francorchamps, Belgium, 22-24 June
Spa will be again on the calendar but we will drive together with another series which cars are great and really match our field. In 2017 we had not enough cars to make the event break even and we lost a lot of money in the small river Eau Rouge. So we had to find a partner to let you race again on this beautiful circuit. Spa is Spa. Spa Summer Classic an event where there is enough to see and yes Spa is always mind blowing in a race car.

1x Qualification (25”) – 3 races (each 30”)
Price: 725 euro when payment before 01/06/2018 (after this date 795 euro)

DOWNLOAD INVOICE : ytcc-spa-summer-classic-2018-invoice

Copenhagen Historic, Copenhagen streets, Denmark,  3-5 August
Copenhagen Historic is an huge event in which we are invited through the organisation to fill up the Danish Youngtimer series. So there are not many places left over there. What can we say of Copenhagen. It’s a street track. If you make a mistake you are in trouble, the circuit is easy, the racing great, the Danish people you fell immediately in love with and the only thing we can say we would like that all race organisers in the world have a look over here how you can make from a race event an complete family entertainment park. If you haven’t done Copenhagen in your race career you are not a complete racer.

Races TBA
Price please for all information contact Lars Rosenfeldt, email :

Le Mans Historic, Le Mans Bugatti, France, 7-9 September
We think the most difficult circuit on the calendar will be Le Mans. Yes we are back. You want to race there if you have never done it before. The first time under the Dunlop bridge is magic. The first time between the big Grandstands mind-blowing. Driving for the first time out of the famous pitstreet is an experience you will tell everybody you bump into. The Bugatti circuit is not easy to learn. Every lap you will think that must be possible to do faster. Le Mans will not come often on the YTCC calendar. Its very rare that we find a place over here. So do not miss this opportunity.

1x Qualification (25”), 3 races (30”each)
Price: 800 euro when payment done before 05/08/2018 (after this date price will be 895)

DOWNLOAD INVOICE: ytcc-le-mans-historic-2018-invoice


Zandvoort Finale Races, Zandvoort, The Netherlands, 5-7 October
It is party time in the Dunes we always say. Within 5 minutes you are from the circuit on the beach of Zandvoort. Zandvoort has a racing history which is unbelievable big. The track flows through the dunes of the The Netherlands and is really a tough cookie to handle. Corners like Scheivlak and Arie Lyendijk  are putting the mess in your brain at full 100% concentration. The last years Zandvoort made a mess of the Finale races. Well it is back on the calendar where you want to be. Together with the organisation of the circuit the YTCC and also some other Historic race series are going to make an event of it where afterwards you will say, I want to get back to that. We promise you, you will.

Mind you Zandvoort will be only 96 dB allowed.

1x Qualification (25”), 3 races (30”each)
Price: 450 euro when payment before  10/09/2018 (after this date 495 euro)

DOWNLOAD INVOICE: ytcc-zandvoort-2018-invoice



If you want to combine races together we are giving you the opportunity for 3 package deals. With a package deal you are sure you are on startgrid of an event.

ALL EVENTS  (Copenhagen not included) – normal 3470 euro – payment before 01/02/2018 – 3000 euro
DOWNLOAD INVOICE: ytcc-gold-package-invoice

Hockenheim / Brands Hatch / Spa Francorchamps / Zandvoort  – normal 2670 euro – payment before 01/02/2018 – 2300 euro
DOWNLOAD INVOICE: ytcc-silver-package-invoice

Spa Francorchamps / Le Mans / Zandvoort – normal 1975 euro – payment before 01/02/2018 – 1795 euro
DOWNLOAD INVOICE: ytcc-bronze-package-invoice


For all registrations : If you can not enter a race weekend you are yourself responsible for finding a replacement and to sell your startgrid ticket. Of course if we find a replacement driver for you or have one on the reserve list we help you with that and we will refund you your registration fee.

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ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS JUST CONTACT US AT or phone 0031 6 54664422 (Randall)

The YTCC team

Randall Lawson
Ignatius de Bakker
Klaas van Vuure
Ine Lawson
Hans van Putten
Lars Rosenfeldt

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